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Which layer of the atmosphere do communications satellites orbit

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Aball is thrown vertically upward and rises to a height of 126.5 m. calculate the 1)velocity by which the ball was thrown upwards and 2)the time taken by the ball to reach the highest point
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If resistance of two resistors are 6 plus minus 0.1 ohm and 3 + - 0.2 ohm then calculate their resistance in series and parallel combination of in error​
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Astar 2.5 times the mass of the sun and collapsed to a size of 12 km rotates with a speed of 1.2 rev. per second. (extremely compact stars of this kind are known as neutron stars. certain stellar objects called pulsars belong to this category). will an object placed on its equator remain stuck to its surface due to gravity? (mass of the sun = 2x30³⁰kg).
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Which layer of the atmosphere do communications satellites orbit...

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