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Q. who is father of physics & mathematics?

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If x^2+1/x^2=9 evaluate: x+1/x x^4+1/x^4
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In a group of children 35 play football out of which 20 play football only 22 player hockey 25 play cricket out of which leven play cricket only out of t7 play cricket and football but not take three play football and hockey but not cricket 12 play football and cricket board how many play all three game how many play cricket and hockey but not football how many player hockey only what is the total number of children in the group? ?
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Ashopkeeper mixes two varieties of rice purchased @ rs. 35 per kg and @ rs. 28 per kg respectively. if he sells the mixture @ rs. 36 per kg and thus gains 20%. the ratio in which the two varieties are mixed is
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Find the missing frequency p xi 12,14,16,18,20,22,24 fi 7,6,9,13,p,5,4
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