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What according to you was fritz give reasons

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Exercise 1enlarge the subject and extend the verb. there should be at least fifteen words in each nesentence.a. the girls danced.b. the little girl is here.c. raju and his brother failed the exam.d. the sun shone.e. a wind is blowing.exercise 2rewrite as directed.a. john, the managing director, left the office after making all arrangements for thenext day's board meeting and clearing all the pending files. (turn this into a periodicsentence.)he climbed a wall near him and cried for . (rewrite this sentence as a simple oneusing an ing phrase in the place of the first clause.)c. he is industrious and diligent and works very hard. (rewrite improving the style.)d. in the forest camp i heard the cries of the owls, the elephants, the wild asses and thewolves. (rewrite using the correct cry words.)e. jumping into a truck he saw the thief escape. (rewrite removing the mismatching.)​
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He. have gone to the shop fill in with modals​
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Can anyone is here when who can tell me editing i tell the sentence and u tell the ans
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Rearrange the letter to make meaningful word 1.naollbo​
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What according to you was fritz give reasons...

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