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How many emotes does the king have? ​

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Two marks1. a child purchases a number of notebooks for rs.80. if he had purchasedfour more notebooks for the same amount from the other bookseller, thera notebook would have cost rs.1 less. represent the situation in the fornof quadratic equation.2. if one root of the quadratic equation is 2x -3x+p=0 is 3, find the valuep and the other root of the quadratic equation.3. solve for x: x--px+pq-qx=0.4. find k, if 3 is a solution of 3x + (k-3)x+9=0.5. solve 2x2-5x+3=0.​
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Suppose ray writes a letter to one of his friends, explaining his experience while shooting 'goopy gyne bhaga byne'. what would be the contentof the letter?
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Man has gained control over nature and other creatures. this has led to ecological imbalance and natural disasters. you are maya. write an article in 100-120 words on hoow this imabalance has affected the life of mana
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Identify error and correction a. as we climb, the forest green b. thick in bamboo trees. the sun filtered c. through brief and gave us a d. pure delight. we are thrilled and e. soon our destination come in sight set paper #3
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How many emotes does the king have? ​...

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