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Computer languages and their evolution generation

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13. mr kumar is an lic agent. he offers discount to his policy holders on the annual premium. however, he also gets commission on the sum assured as per the given tariff. sum assured discount commission up to 7 1,00,000 5% 1,00,001 and up to 2,00,000 8% 3% 32,00.001 and up to 5,00,000 10% 5% more than 5,00,000 15% 7.5% 2% write a program to input name of the policy holder, the sum assured and first annual premium calculate the discount of the policy holder and the commission of the agent. the program displays all the details as: name of the policy holder sum assured premium discount on the first premium: commission of the agent conditional statements in java
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Computer languages and their evolution generation...

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