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Is air a homogenous mixture or heterogeneous mixture

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The % by volume of c4h10 in a gaseous mixture of c4h10, ch4 and co is 40. when 200 ml of the mixture is burnt in excess of o2, find volume (in ml) of co2 produced.
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Rubidium forms an ionic compound with silver and iodine
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Awelding full gas contain carbon and hydrogengas only, burning a small sample of it inoxygen gives 3.38 g of carbon dioxide,0.690 g water and no other products,a volume of 10.0 l (measured at stp) of thiswelding gases found to weigh 1.16 g.calculate i) emperical formida, ii) mass of the goss, and iii) molecularformula​
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In which reaction does nitrogen exhibit variation of oxidation state from - 3 to + 5? ? who ever will answer the question i'll mark as brainliast answer ​
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Is air a homogenous mixture or heterogeneous mixture...

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