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Loss of water content through the plants into the atmosphere is called:

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How are human actions causing the death of useful bacteria and fungi? what will happen if it continues? ​
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16mark the incorrect statementevery chemical reaction that occurs in a livingsystem is a catalytic reaction(2) living state is a nonequilibrium steady state tobe able to perform work(3) specificity of an enzyme is because of itsactive site14) all chemical reactions occuring in the livingsystems are mediated by biocatalysts explain the answer ​
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If you call i is allowed to grow for 80 minutes in any age 14 cl 15 isotope medium then what would be the proportion of a hybrid and the light density dna molecule
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How is the movement of leaves of a sensitive plant different from the movement of shoot towards light? ?
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Loss of water content through the plants into the atmosphere is called:...

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